06 Oct 2021

MtG deck legality checker

1 minute reading time


Frightcrawler is a small tool I wrote to prepare for MtG tournaments. It fully supports Helvault and AetherHub (just in case) files. To validate your deck - scan the cards with Helvault and load the CSV file into Frightcrawler:

Usage: frightcrawler -g modern -f PATH/TO/FILE
    -g GAME_FORMAT                   Set game format
    -f CSV_FILE                      Path to CSV file
    -i SCRYFALL_ID                   Get card info
    -h, --help                       Print documentation
Supported CSV layouts: Helvault, Helvault Pro, AetherHub.
Supported formats: brawl, commander, duel, future, gladiator, historic, legacy,
modern, oldschool, pauper, penny, pioneer, premodern, standard, vintage.
frightcrawler -g commander -f /Users/chuck/Documents/git/helvault/oct5-b-mono.csv